Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where does the time go?

Yesterday my hubby comes home and the first thing he says is, "Man, I didn't realize what day it is. We really have to get started on our Christmas shopping". I found this revelation of his odd since he is notorious for doing all his shopping a few days before Christmas. I of course always harass him about this and he vehemently denies it up until I open my gift and there is a gift receipt in there dated Dec. 24.

I however know what day it is. I've been very much aware yet still in denial that it is December. This is because I had my own personal deadline of getting all my experiments done by the end of December. Being that it is already December (by some freak of nature) this leaves me with weeks rather than months. Now if everything worked perfectly in science all the time then I would surely be done all my experiments by now (and someone would have discovered the cure for cancer). However as all scientists come to accept at some point, not everything in science works perfectly.

I've been pretty good at keeping on schedule though due to my week by week list of things to do that I made up a few months ago. Oh sure, my freakish organization endured much ridicule but it has kept me on track for the most part and that was the plan. I am a bit behind on some experiments and this week my slacker tendencies are trying to take over my productivity but for the most part I've followed my schedule. I'm still a bit shocked it is already December (as is evident by my calendar in the lab still being on November) but I'm still sticking to my plan of getting all my experiments done by the end of the month. I'm sure there will be some things to finish up in January but hopefully not much.

As for my hubby's revelation that it is already December, this resulted in us going Christmas shopping last night. Again, due to my freakish list making I had a list of gifts for most people we are buying for and as a result we did almost half of our Christmas shopping in a matter of an hour and a half. I think I'm liking this list making. I may end up being that crazy lady that has a list for everything.

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