Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No my supervisor didn't lock me in a dark room

Surprisingly there was no anger from my supervisor towards my response to his garbage picking email. I thought for sure there would be some sort of snide comment from him about it. My guess is perhaps he realized his request was quite demeaning. However, realistically the thought probably briefly crossed his mind and then was replaced with the thought that I'm just a crazy, emotional female who needs everything sugar coated. Either way, my response should put an end to ridiculous request from him for a while.

So what have I been up to lately? Well, definitely not writing in my blog, that's for sure. I've been trying to finish up my last few experiments. I think I'm finally done actual lab work now! Although something is bound to creep up. My supervisor was in town a few weeks ago to clean out his office. Yes, that was fun. His idea of cleaning consisted of bringing stuff from his office into the lab and asking if we wanted it. When we said no, he would leave it on a bench and tell us to think about it and if we don't want it then throw it out. Buddy, that's not cleaning; that's moving garbage around! At least I'll never have to buy another binder in my life. Honestly, I tried to avoid the lab when the supervisor was around. I feared that he would ask me to help him clean out his office. Anytime I went somewhat near his office he would ask me to do something. I told everyone (but him, of course) that I think I would be coming down with an awful stomach flu the week he was here. No need to fake a sickness though. He couldn't rightfully ask me to help him clean his office when I told him I was working on my thesis.

That brings me to what else has kept me busy, the thesis. Finally, I'm finally at that point! So far it's slow going. However, once I actually have a whole day to devote to working on it I get quite a bit done. Unfortunately, there haven't been that many whole days lately.

Besides the thesis writing I had to make a poster for a conference at the end of the month. Woo hoo! Conference! I probably wouldn't be so excited if the conference was is the middle of no where but any good conference organizer knows the mantra - location, location, location. So it's off to sunny Florida for me. This year I'm staying at a hotel on the beach! It's further from the conference center but it's on the beach so I'll put up with taking the shuttle bus to the conference. To top it off the husband and I decided it was time for our honeymoon/vacation so we are going on a cruise the week before the conference. Three days until we leave! I'm sure all this warm weather and sun will get me motivated for thesis writing :)

Well, with full time thesis writing imminent I'm sure there will be many thesis induced rants to post on my blog so stay tuned. But not for the next two weeks as I'll be de-stressing on the beach.

Aside - Anyone else find it humorous that the spell checker in Blogger doesn't recognize the word 'blog'?