Monday, December 19, 2005

Sigh... no lab Christmas party

For some reason it just doesn't feel like Christmas is less than a week away. Perhaps due to the lack of snow here it just doesn't feel like Christmas is around the corner. However, I think it may also be due to the lack of Christmas spirit in my lab. With my supervisor and half our lab having moved to the US and others since graduating there are only two of us left in the lab. Quite lonely indeed. When I first started in the lab there was like seven grad students and numerous undergrads. Now, there are just two. At times I'm thankful for all my space and not having to fight for equipment but when I'm in the lab all day all by myself it gets quite lonely. There is only so much company you can get from the hum of the freezer. Good thing there is the radio.

The other day I was walking down the hallway and a prof said to me, "Must be lonely up there". Yes, yes it is. Normally I don't really notice it but for some reason Christmas has made the loneliness quite noticeable. Usually we have a lab Christmas party where we go out for supper or to the supervisor's house. It's always good times and plenty of food. This year with the supervisor down south that isn't going to happen and to be honest, myself and the other grad student left behind don't get along well enough to want to spend our free time celebrating Christmas together. I think I need a lab to adopt me. Maybe tomorrow I'll blare the Christmas carols to get me in the spirit. I could even wear my Santa hat but then people may thing the loneliness has driven me crazy.

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