Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Scientists do have a sense of humour

Today I'm trying to find a program that will predict the structure of my protein. This involves two things I'm not so keen on - proteins and bioinformatics. I usually cringe every time I need to do anything bioinformatic related. Anyways, in my search for a program that will predict the structure of my favorite protein I came across a website that I had to laugh at. Normally, to me bioinformatics is anything but funny but The Barton Group at the University of Dundee have found a way to add in some humour.

I submitted my protein sequence to The Barton Group's program and waited patiently for the email saying that my job had been completed. I clicked on the link and came to a webpage that on the first line had the lovely penguin picture with the message: After much trouble and strife, Bob the scheduling penguin has retrieved your results! Rejoice. For your pleasure the following viewing options are available.

Too funny! This makes my day of bioinformatic analysis not seem so bad. After all, how can anything go wrong when you have Bob the scheduling penguin on your side!

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