Monday, December 05, 2005

One of those days

Pretty much as soon as I walked in the lab today the phone started ringing. I just knew it was going to be one of those days. I wanted to get a lot done today but I think the cards were against me.

First the person from our order desk calls me about an order I placed however the catalog number isn't right. I check on my computer and sure enough it pulls up what I want when I search by catalog number. The lady at the desk is adamant that the number is wrong but says she will call the company and find out what is going on. Turns out I was looking on the US website and not the Canadian one (Duh). That's odd since I have my computer set to default to the Canadian site. Although I was more pissed off by the fact that the company carries that product in the US but not in Canada. Dumb. I found another place that supplied it though so not a big problem but a waste of time.

Then as I started actually getting some work done the phone rang again. This time while I was on the phone I got an instant message from one of the grad students that went to the US with my supervisor. He said he needed to talk to me when I'm off the phone. Alright, fine. Then while I'm still on the phone a guy from another lab comes in to see if we have a certain antibody. This was all before I had finished my morning coffee so I wasn't in the best mood. I finally got off the phone then got the guy the antibody.

Just as I'm wondering whether my day will continue this way the grad student in the US calls. Apparently there is some problem with the amount of credit we have from the Qiagen cabinet we used to have. My supervisor wants a list of all orders for the last year! Of course all that info is in my lab so I end up having to compile it all and send it to him. Definitely not what I was planning on doing today.

I finally got started on my SDS-PAGE gels at 5 pm. And I was hoping to not be in the lab forever today. It never ends! Sometimes I wonder whether I'm actually a grad student or just a very low paid technician.

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