Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oh the life of a graduate student

Work late, sleep late, repeat.

Yesterday I got harassed by a former grad student turned lab coordinator in our department because he said for the last few weeks he has walked by my lab and the door has been closed. I stared at him with a look of confusion because since besides the week after Christmas when the university was closed I've been working my ass off in the lab. And even during that week off I was at home writing a manuscript. Then I clued in and said, "when do you come by? 8 am?". He just smiled and said, "Oh right, you're a grad student".

Then today as I'm arriving bright and early at 9:50 am I see him in the hallway. Of course more harassment ensued in which he pointed out in sarcastic amazement that I'm here before 10!!! Yes, yes, I'll admit I work grad student hours but I am a grad student so that shouldn't be such a shocker. My family also harasses me about this yet they don't seem to realize that even though I don't come in until 10 am I'm usually here until 7 or 8 pm and sometimes even later. Then when I go home I'm usually reading papers or analyzing data. How does that constitute a slacker? Plus, compared to the other grad student in the lab I'm a workaholic. The other grad student's idea of a long day is 4-5 hours. Must be nice.

However the grad student hours are soon to end. One week until teaching at 8 am starts. 8 am!!! That's just crazy talk. Thank god for coffee.

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