Saturday, August 18, 2007

What I don't miss about grad school

Long time no blog. I noticed that I never posted what I don't miss about grad school. Can't have everyone thinking grad school was all sugar and spice and everything nice.

1) The money, or lack of. I must say it's nice to actually be making a salary with benefits and all.

2) Being treated like a child. Sure grad students are still students but we are also adults. There were so many profs in my department that didn't seem to realize this. I mean, taking attendance at seminars to make sure all the grad students attend. Puhleese!!! I'm old enough that whether you take attendance or not is not going to make me attend the seminar if I have something more important. Yes, I can make decisions for myself.

3) Not being respected. Now this may have more to do with my supervisor's personality than grad school in general but just because I'm your student doesn't mean I don't deserve respect. I made it clear that I wasn't putting up with being treated as somehow lesser. I must say it was nice having my committee treat me as an equal at my thesis defense.

4) Not getting emails from my supervisor at odd hours or on long weekends. I do enjoy leaving my work at work and not having papers around the house or having to answer emails to my supervisor late at night or on a long weekend. It's nice to not have my life revolve around grad school.


B said...

hey I just found you via pondering of fool blog. I am still in school but this sounds nice! Especially the last point!

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John Smith said...

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