Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is wrong with people these days?

Don't worry I'll get back to posting about science related things but I'm procrastinating from finishing the last few revisions on a paper so blogging about science would be a bad use of my procrastination time.

Today on my way to work the bus was packed, as it usually is. I ended up having to stand. A few stops down the road this elderly lady gets on. She must have been at least 70, if not older. Does anyone get their ass off their seat for her? Oh no. As I'm standing there dumbfounded at the inconsiderate people on my bus I realize the elderly woman has a cane. A CANE!!! And still no one will give up their seat! At one point, she is standing right in front of this girl and her cane is pretty much resting against this girl's leg and still the girl doesn't move! Whatever happened to respect your elders? That's how I was raised. There are even signs on the bus where these people were sitting indicating that the seating is for those with reduced mobility. So for the whole 20 minute bus ride this elderly lady stood. She got off at the same stop as me and yes, she clearly needed a cane to walk. If I were that woman someone on the bus would have surely got "accidentally" hit with my cane. Show some respect people!


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