Monday, January 22, 2007

What to blog about?

My blog originally started so I could blow off some steam about grad studies and also to write about the many things that my mind drums up. However, now that I'm officially done grad school I'm not sure what to blog about. This would explain my sporadic posting lately. I don't really want to post much about my job because it requires quite a bit of confidentiality and so blogging about it is not such a good idea. Any thoughts on what my blog should morph into? I'd like it to have some focus.


Ms.Smarties said...

Here's how you can start!

Lexy tagged me so I'm tagging you. If you want info, check out my blog.

Hope you don't mind. :-)

stephen said...

Interesting. I just had to comment because I am a science geek as well. I truly have nothing intelligent to add right now. But politics is always a hot issue.

Anonymous said...

what a crack up. i have no idea how i landed on your site but glad i did. im a week away from my defense, and though my thesis involves art its ALL the same issues over my part of the world.

Thanks for the laughs.