Thursday, August 03, 2006


Alright science experts, I need your help. I think the thesis writing has caused me to slowly lose brain cells. Where do you insert a reference if the whole paragraph you are writing is taken from one source? Do you put it where you first mention information from that source (so at the end of the first sentence of the paragraph) or at the end of the last sentence of the paragraph? I've Googled and so far haven't found the answer. Help!


twf said...

I would put it at the end of the paragraph. I've also been known to be very explicit about it: "This approach was taken from Ref. 9" before getting into the description of the approach.

Katie said...

I think you put it at the end. Although I have never done a whole paragraph from one source, I think the end is where it is supposed to go.

My sympathy regarding those brain cells. I think a lost quite a bit of them when I wrote a grant some months back.